Rebuilding project of the Young summer camp for the Recreation Center in Vatutin district, Kyiv

Land plot area

3,5 ha

Gross floor area:

6500 m2




partial realization in 2006-2007y.

The main purpose of the Camp is the outdoor recreation in an eco-clean space. The young summer camp is not designed for an simultaneous generous amount of visitors, so there is an opportunity to get away from an metropolitan city and have a good rest. The building lot is located in Kyiv woodland.
The recreation center consists of the main building with hotel accommodation, there are detached buildings: an indoor court, guest houses, an arbour with a barbecue, sport playgrounds, a covered guest parking and a gatehouse. Key factor is all the houses in the territory of recreation center are low-rise, they are made in the modern style with crest value of energy-efficient construction and decorative materials’ usage.