Boating club on river Dnieper in Kyiv, Ukraine.



Gross floor area:

2500 m2


2008 y.

The main purpose of Boating club is sports and active water-based recreation. The recreation center area is located in Kyiv City on the beach of the river Desenka on the site of the old sport center. The recreation center consists of indoor court with swimming pool, houses for trainers, a small hotel for sportsmen and visitors, and also outdoor sport playgrounds for an active rest and sport activity. Key factor is all the houses of Boating club are low-rise, they are made in the same architectural style with the usage of up-to-date construction and decorative materials. A large area of fenestration in the houses enables admiring the landscape during the training activity and relaxation. Such approach provides an opportunity for having a comfortable place for sports and relaxation with economic costs and qualitative services within the city precincts.