Hunting clubhouse "PRUVILYA" in Cherkaska Region (reconstruction with a heightening, option №2)

Land plot area:

1,2 ha

Gross floor area:

2000 m2




partial realization in 2012y.


The main purpose of Hunting clubhouse is a seasonal wild animals’ and fowling hunt and also a rest in the open air in the clubhouse territory and outside the territory. The hunting clubhouse is optimized for 20-30 persons. The recreation center lot is located on the verge of Slobidka village and borders with a forest and a river creek. The building situated at the site pertains to reconstruction in the main club pavilion, with a further construction in the territory of new buildings and erections. The hunting clubhouse consists of the main pavilion, staff building, rest buildings, a wooden bathhouse, a chapel, a tennis court and car parkings for the visitors. Key factor is a combination of the main club pavilion which is made in Ukrainian baroque style and new buildings which are made from timbers. Supreme landscape and softscape preservation accents ecological compatibility of the territory.