Sports and fitness center of National bank of Ukraine in the territory of the Vorsivka village council Malin district, Zhitomir Region

Land plot area:

9,17 ha

Gross floor area:

3000 m2




The main purpose of Sports and fitness center is active leisure and sports activities in the open air the whole year round. The sports and fitness center is optimized for 60 persons. The lot is located near the Vorsivka village in a place named «Polyakova mountain» on the riverside Viznya. The recreation center consists of the main pavilion, which consists of living, office, sport and food service buildings, which are connected together by two-level interior winter gardens; cottages with various sizes, an accessory structure with service, a station for boats, playgrounds for active leisure and sports, mini-golf, a cycle lane and an installation for the passing to the territory. Key factor is that all the houses in the territory of the sports and fitness center are made in an identical architecture style with supreme usage of ecological building materials and decorative materials. The building structure is represented in a half-timbering frame “Fahwerk” with non-bearing walls filling of hand-formed bricks of adobing blocks named «Tyrsalin».