Recreational complex in Kiyliv village, Boryspil district, Kyiv Region

Land plot area:

1,5 ha

Gross floor area:

2680 m2




in progress


The main purpose of Recreational complex ia an all-year sportfishing with a full VIP service complex, from living and feeding to a possibility of the permanent storage of swimming fitting on the territory. Complex is optimized for 50-60 persons. The lot is located between Kaniv reservoir and a man-made canal for boat calls. The complex consists of guest houses (situated in the territory and also houseboats situated afloat), a restaurant, a boat station, arbous, a grill-bar, an auxiliary building etc. Key factors are all the houses in the territory of the recreational complex are low-rise on metal pales, forms are quite simple and balanced, with gable roofs, made in an identical architectural style with crest value usage of energy-efficient construction materials and decorative materials.