Pre-work on the correction of the residential complex construction project with shops, offices, premises and underground parking on Bozhenka Str. 75-77, Volodymyro-Lybidska Str. 21-17 and Antonovycha Str. 118 in Holosiiv District, Kyiv

Land plot area:

41750 m2

Gross floor area:

80360 m2


2014 y.



The main purpose of the complex is comfortable residing with the full set of services in the city center. The complex consists of six residential sections that have to be reconstructed on different heights from 18 to 23 floors with two floors built-in premises and a three-storeyed parking in the yard. Taking into account the existing urban limits, it is proposed to form the residential complex with VIP class apartments. The front expressiveness of the complex creates a compositional holistic object that fits harmoniously with the surrounding buildings based on its perception from the different viewpoints.