The project of reconstruction of the military buildings complex №63 for the arrangement High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases (HSCU) in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Land plot area:

6,0340 ha

Gross floor area:

30520 m2





The main purpose is an architectural replanning and a reequipment of the buildings for an court premises arrangement. The group of buildings is located in the territory of a cantonment in one of historical central parts of the city, in the administrative and business region which forms a part of a historical and cultural zone and has a historical architecture environment. There are Solomyanska Square, State ministries and Departments, courts, educational institutions, Embassies beside. The complex consists of the main building HSCU with all necessary suites and superstructures for full functions, a gatehouse, a security station. Key factor is a supreme conservation of the existing historical building owing to well functional and architectural zoning.