The Reconstruction of the residential district (block) and a new construction of the residential complex together with built-in and attached retail and office premises on Molodizhna Str, 50-ann. Zhovtnia and Zhukovskoho in Boyarka city Kyiv region.


2,8 ha

Gross floor area:

64260 m2


2008 y.


The main purpose of the reconstruction is the replacement of an old housing stock to a new one, the increase of building density and improvement of the service sector. Reconstruction is divided into 5 turns with the possibility of a gradual relocation of existing buildings residents to be demolished. The complex is built as a social housing and meets all the requirements. The composite dominant of the block is the office building with the shopping center situated on the first two floors. In the developing of the fundamental architectural solutions of the residential district the basic criterion was the maximum construction of the area, taking into account the environment.